Sustainability on the farm


Our dairy farmers are committed to the sustainable production of milk every day, and nowhere is this more committed than in the Netherlands. We are driven to measure the impact of our actions in detail and strive for the highest standards in the field of sustainability. This means not only ensuring the well-being of our goats, but also minimizing our ecological footprint, using natural resources efficiently and implementing innovative technologies to make our processes increasingly sustainable. In this way we contribute to a sustainable future for our sector.

Sustainable Goat Dairy Chain

Within the Sustainable Goat Dairy Chain (DGZK), dairy companies and goat farmers are jointly committed to strengthening sustainability within the goat dairy chain. Together with our farmers, we encourage active involvement in various themes such as animal welfare, energy consumption and image of the sector. We strive to continuously improve the conditions for our goats and reduce our impact on the environment.

Through collaboration and knowledge sharing, we strive for a sustainable goat dairy chain that not only meets the highest standards of animal welfare and environmental protection, but also makes a positive contribution to the market and the image of our products.

Support for dairy farmers

From Ausnutria, through our milk collector Holland Goat Milk, we provide significant support to dairy farmers to help them strengthen sustainability in their business operations. Through clear overviews and targeted feedback, dairy farmers are provided with growth opportunities and concrete action points, which are communicated during annual meetings and via newsletters. We strive for an ongoing dialogue with farmers, whereby we are in personal contact with dairy farmers on a daily basis. Through this collaboration and support, we contribute to a sustainable future of the agricultural sector, in which both farmers and the environment can grow.


At Ausnutria we try to facilitate interaction and provide feedback to our farmers. We provide clear overviews of the sustainability scores achieved and the associated actions. This way our dairy farmers also see where they can grow and what is needed for this. We communicate as actively as possible about the relevant topics and provide feedback on these topics during our annual meetings and in newsletters.


Ausnutria and Holland Goat Milk encourage a sustainable working environment where we work on a future-proof organization. A Sustainability & Chain Collaboration Project Manager has been appointed from HGM, with the aim of making this interaction even more lively. Working groups have been set up for relevant themes on our farms. In this way we stimulate the connection that contributes to a healthy relationship and more sustainable solutions to the challenges the sector currently faces.