Research & Development

Research & Development

Breast-feeding is the best option for babies. When breast-feeding is not sufficient or impossible, it is important to have access to high-quality infant formula. Ausnutria provides safe, high-quality and scientifically based infant formula. Our R&D department works on composing and further optimising our products daily.

The department consists of four teams:

  • The Process Research team combines ¬†our (goat) dairy processing expertise and innovative ideas to develop new ingredients and design innovative production processes for our infant formulas to use all benefits of our goat milk.
  • The Nutrition Research team uses life science and food science to pioneer solutions for everyday nutritional needs of babies and toddlers. This expertise is crucial for the innovation and development of infant formulas based on strong scientific evidence.
  • The Product, Ingredient & Specifications (PRISM) team secures a carefully managed ingredient and product portfolio, makes sure the pipeline of new (dairy-based) ingredients is filled and covers the translation of crucial expertise into viable applications and prototypes in and outside the IMF portfolio.
  • The Product Formulation team translates the wishes of our customers into robust recipes. This concerns the nutritional, physical and sensorial properties of the product. Thereby always ensuring full compliance with legislation of the region the product is sold in.


Our research teams in the Netherlands closely work together with scientists, research institutes and universities throughout the world. Because the challenges we are facing are of a multidisciplinary nature, we work together with experts in various professions. Our cooperative arrangements take on various forms, ranging from joint research and the development of new technologies to the acquisition of expert advice in cooperation with a Scientific Board. This Board consists of an international team of globally recognised experts from different scientific disciplines.

Ausnutria Nutrition Institute

At Ausnutria we are committed and driven to keep developing ourselves and our products by further exploring the field of infant and dairy nutrition research. As the challenges we are facing are multi-disciplinary, we collaborate with experts from different areas of expertise. We bring the knowledge and the latest scientific insights we gain together within Ausnutria Nutrition Institute.

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Wageningen University of Research

Ausnutria works daily to research, compile and further optimize its products. With its branch on the Wageningen Campus, Ausnutria is expanding its network and accelerating the development and quality of its unique expertise. Something that Ausnutria attaches great importance to.

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