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Knowlegde to nourish growth

Our rich history provides us with a solid basis for our expertise. However, our success is ultimately determined by our employees and their dedication to contributing to exceptional nutrition of the highest quality. With a team of professionals, highly educated technicians and researchers, we work on the development and production of infant formula and dairy ingredients, each and every day.

We do this for commercial customers as well as for our own brands. Our global spread ensures we have a great deal of knowledge about the international market and specifications based on local needs. With a strong base in the Netherlands, with six outstanding plants, we guarantee the quality and food safety of all our products.

Research & Development

Benefits of goat milk

Milk and milk products supply many good nutrients. In any reference to ‘dairy’ or ‘milk’, the first thing that comes to mind for most people is cow milk. Research into dairy in fact primarily concerns cow dairy. Yet, in recent years there has been a growing focus on the properties of goat milk and increasingly more people are consuming goat milk.

At Ausnutria we are convinced of the unique properties of goat milk. This is why we have been marketing goat milk products for over 10 years and we are working on a daily basis on expanding our knowledge of the composition of goat milk.

This way we are further building on the scientific foundation of our goat milk products. But what makes goat milk by its very nature such an interesting and beautiful product?

Goat milk has a unique fat and protein composition

The smaller fat globules and the relatively high volume of short and medium fatty acid chains in goat milk are relatively easy for the human body to break down. In addition, the relatively low volume of αS1 casein protein ensures that a softer mass is created in the stomach, which contributes to good digestion.

Goat milk has a naturally wonderful, mild taste

One of the highly underestimated benefits of goat milk is its mild taste! Consumers that use goat milk describe its taste as mild, light, fresh and delicious.