Better nutrition

Our nutritional mission

We at Ausnutria are dedicated to providing our customers with the safest, most dependable products boasting optimal nutritional profiles. Innovation drives us as we continually strive to meet and exceed customer expectations. We prioritize strong client relationships by offering updated health information and actively seeking feedback through various communication channels. Our commitment to safety extends to our partnerships with suppliers and distributors, where we enforce rigorous sustainability standards throughout the value chain. By collaborating with like-minded partners, we aim to fulfill our social and environmental responsibilities while achieving mutual success.

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Nutritional focus areas

At Ausnutria, we are committed to driving long-term growth through continuous investment in research and development. Our focus areas include developing lactose-intolerant-friendly products, updating infant formula recipes, and enhancing nutritional value across our product range. Ensuring the safety and well-being of our customers remains our biggest priority. To uphold high quality and safety standards, we have established comprehensive quality control principles that govern every stage of the manufacturing process, from raw material procurement to product delivery. These principles not only ensure compliance with all relevant laws and regulations but also communicate our unwavering commitment to minimal production quality requirements.

Key nutritional highlights
Ausnutria is building the largest gasless powder factory in the worldAusnutria is building the largest gasless powder factory in the world

This new factory will soon guarantee a completely gas-fee production process for the production of semi-finished baby and infant food formula and will run completely CO2 and nitrogen emission free.

Ausnutria R&D opens research hub at Wageningen campusAusnutria opens research hub at Wageningen campus

Ausnutria has opened its own branch on the Wageningen Campus: the hotspot for innovation and knowledge sharing in the field of nutrition and health. Opening this Hub in Wageningen offers opportunities in the field of research and more frequent close collaboration with existing and new partners in nutrition research.

Ausnutria optimizes food safety by implementing UV light treatmentAusnutria optimizes food safety by implementing UV light treatment

By implementing advanced UVC disinfection technology, all incoming goods are now treated with ultraviolet light, ensuring the highest hygiene standards. The result is a production process that not only meets strict regulations for baby and infant food, but also exceeds international standards.