Sustainability in the production process


Sustainability is central to our production process, where efficiency and environmental awareness go hand in hand. We strive for maximum efficiency to minimize waste and reduce our ecological footprint. In this way we can not only reduce our operating costs, but also generate a positive impact on the environment. This two-pronged approach allows us to continuously innovate and improve, while committed to a sustainable future for both our business and our planet.




Our approach to integrating sustainability into our production process revolves around collaboration within multidisciplinary teams. These teams consist of representatives from Production, Technology, Sustainability Management and Continuous Improvement. Together we analyze how we can make our processes more efficient, with a keen eye for the impact on our sustainability index. Through these joint efforts, we can accurately determine which projects are prioritized and what impact they have, both financially and in terms of sustainability.

Reduction loss

Our main focus currently is on minimizing losses within our production process, which is a crucial part of our sustainability strategy. At our facility in Kampen we focus on limiting energy loss, while in other factories we work on reducing material losses. We strive to minimize the differences between incoming and outgoing flows of materials, not only with regard to milk, but also when it comes to raw material and packaging materials such as cans, cardboard and lids. Since 2023, we have been using advanced analysis tools to identify major improvement projects. With this data-driven approach, we take a structured look at which projects can have the greatest positive effect on both our operational efficiency and our sustainability objectives.


Our vision on the future-proofness of our production locations is driven by a strong focus on sustainability. A concrete example of this is our approach to the construction of our new drying tower in Heerenveen, for which a completely gas-free production process has been designed. This means that the factory will soon operate completely emission free, meaning we are taking significant steps towards a more environmentally friendly production environment. Furthermore, when planning the location of the new drying tower, we also looked at minimizing additional transport movements, so that we not only reduce our ecological impact, but also operate more efficiently and cost-effectively. These measures demonstrate our commitment to transform our production locations into sustainable and future-proof facilities.