Sustainability in supply chain


At Ausnutria we contribute to minimize environmental impact by environmental friendly packaging and an optimal supply chain.

CO2 reduction

We are very aware of the impact of our activities on the environment. That is why we map out our processes to reduce CO2 emissions. This results in concrete plans for our purchasing, transport and certification. From 2024 onwards, we have taken major steps in realizing material savings, in the form of reducing cardboard and foil use and using thinner cans.

We try to reuse our used materials as much as possible or give them a second life. In this way we process our waste so that it is properly returned to the system. Besides reusing materials, we optimize transportation routes wherever possible and reduce air freight as much as we can.


We actively involve our suppliers in our sustainability ambitions. Sustainability is an important criterion when selecting suppliers. We ask our main suppliers to share the C02 emissions of the items we buy and we ask for their plans for improvement. The suppliers we work with share our values ​​and are committed to continuous improvement. We prefer products and materials with a low CO2 footprint, always in combination with high quality products and optimal cost level. Furthermore,  we focus on reduction of (secondairy) packaging and recyclability.

Sustainability as part of our business operations

We are convinced that sustainable business operations are the key to a successful future. By making our supply chain more sustainable, we contribute to a healthier planet and a better future for next generations.