Ausnutria implements new CIP installations in Ommen and Kampen factories


A major project started in 2021, which has now been completed. The investment in a new centralized CIP set. CIP, or Cleaning in Place, is a technique in which a production installation is automatically cleaned, without the installation being moved or taken apart. Multiple production installations are often cleaned by a CIP system, including installations at our production locations Ommen and Kampen.

The new centralized CIP set does much of the same as the old system, but offers additional benefits. With the new CIP system we can, among other things, further automate processes and record data relating to the cleaning process better. In the previous situation, we still used manual cleanings that operators initiated themselves, in their own circuit. This is now automated. Each object that needs to be cleaned has its own program, based on which the duration of cleaning, the strength of the cleaning agents and the temperature of the cleaning are determined. This no longer requires any action from operators, which not only improves the efficiency of the process, but is also better in terms of occupational health and safety.

In addition to efficiency and safety, the new CIP set also contributes to making the production process more sustainable. The new situation also ensures water and energy savings. Where previously, during manual cleaning, the rinse and cleaning water was simply discharged into the equalization tank and then into the sewer, this is now reused. Finally, the capacity of the new set is also larger, allowing multiple cleanings to be performed simultaneously.