Organic baby formula manufacturer

As organic baby formula manufacturer we of course support breastfeeding as the best choice for babies. However, if parents are unable to (sufficiently) breastfeed their child or if they are looking for an organic baby formula because they plan to stop breastfeeding or combine it with formula feeding, they can consider our organic formula.

Organic baby formula

Ausnutria produces her own brand organic baby formula, Neolac, based on organic cow milk. Why organic baby formula? Mainly consumers choose organic baby formula products because they want to have a positive impact on the environment and welfare of animals. The basis for all our organic baby formula comes from Dutch farmers who opt for organic dairy farming based on the same conviction.

Every day they dedicate themselves with great passion to the welfare of their cows, their farm and the environment. All Neolac products are certified organic in accordance with Dutch and European legislation. Our packaging therefore shows both the EU organic quality mark (green and white leaf) and the Dutch organic quality mark (black and white EKO logo).

Organic farming

For our organic baby formula we use organic cow milk produced at Dutch farms. This organic way of farming pays extra attention to the welfare of the cows. Cows are free to graze outside in the meadow when the weather permits.

When the weather is not suitable for standing outside and the cows are inside in a large stable, they only receive organic food. Finally, organic farming does not use GMOs (genetically modified organisms), fertilizers and chemical pesticides.

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