Dairy chain control

Discover how nature, people and technology collaborate on the development of our products.

From farm to consumer

In the Dutch dairy chain we cooperate closely to safeguard the quality of dairy products through means of intensive inspections and collaboration among farmers, dairy companies, suppliers, inspection agencies and knowledge institutes.

Ausnutria is proud to be part of this chain: a chain that we, for the development of our infant formula products, manage ourselves. From the cow or the goat up to our or your end product. For more information, continue reading.


The farm

It all starts at the farm. Read more about how our Dutch farmers are committed to producing milk of the highest quality.


After the milk has been delivered to the plant, a complex and critical process commences, designed to convert the liquid milk into infant formula.


Our packaging facilities and processes consequently result in the end product: a sustainable packaging with a controlled packing atmosphere that ensures a long shelf life for infant formula.


Following an extensive analysis and release from our warehouse, the products are ready for transport to customers and consumers throughout the world. Ausnutria exports its products to over 70 countries. For more information about partnership opportunities, contact us.