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Learn more about our knowledge & expertise as a baby formula manufacturer. 

Baby formula manufacturer

Are you looking to become a distributor for our infant formula brands or would you like to have your own formula brand produced for your specific market? Ausnutria Netherlands is your business partner in producing and supplying high quality and nutritious baby formula.

As baby formula manufacturer we of course support breastfeeding as the best choice for babies. However, if parents are unable to (sufficiently) breastfeed their child or if they are looking for a baby formula because they plan to stop breastfeeding or combine it with formula feeding, they can consider our (organic) cow milk formula or goat milk formula.

Dutch baby formula production

Ausnutria Netherlands sources their cow milk and goat milk from local Dutch farmers who are producing this key ingredient in compliance with our high standards. Quality programs ensure that our brands of baby formula are safe and nutritious. We are one of the leading formula manufacturers of baby formula brands and offer our business clients full support. This ranges from product development, R&D, manufacturing to marketing support.

Formula for your specific market

Besides our own brands; Kabrita goat milk baby formula and Neolac formula based on organic cow milk, Ausnutria can produce your private label brand based on your wishes. Our R&D and product development professionals can compose formulas for your market. Of course in combination with packaging that suits your branding and brand values.

Additionally we support your team with all the information that they need to service customers and answer their questions. We are capable of producing large volumes of baby formula, but also offer the flexibility to produce smaller volumes infant formula.

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