An important basis An important basis
Dairy ingredients

Traditionally, dairy has been recognised as a product with many positive health and other beneficial effects and is consequently used as a basis for a variety of products.  

An important basis

Consumers are constantly looking for new products that contribute to their health and quality of life, but that are of course also simply delicious. That is why dairy provides an important basis for many products.

Ausnutria has a long history in developing dairy products. During this time we have built up a great deal of knowledge about dairy processing processes that as much as possible preserve the positive properties of the dairy components. This makes Ausnutria a valuable partner in the production of dairy ingredients. We are happy to use this knowledge to work with customers on (new) applications as a way of contributing to high-quality end products.

Next to our custom solutions,  a range of goat milk ingredients is available from our division Ausnutria Dairy Ingredients under the brand CBM.