Our production process Our production process
Production process

After the milk has been delivered to the plant, a versatile and critical process commences, designed to convert the liquid milk into infant formula.

Our production process

To be able to ensure the highest quality, the entire production process takes place within a closed system. This means that contact between the product, the air and people is minimised. We apply strict quality rules for anyone entering our production areas.

From Milk to Base Powder

The first step in the production process is pasteurisation, the process in which milk is heated to high temperatures to eliminate bacteria and to make it safe for consumption. Next, through means of centrifugation, the fat is removed from the milk, resulting in skimmed milk. The skimmed milk then goes through a vacuum evaporation process during which a large portion of the water in the milk is removed. The concentrated skimmed milk is then mixed with important ingredients. Together, these ingredients form the basis for our infant formula products. The wet mixture is subsequently converted into high-quality base powder in the drying tower.

From Base Powder to Infant Formula

After this, the base powder passes through various inspection points and checks before it is ready for the next step: the dry mixing process. During this process, the base powder is mixed with other important ingredients, such as vitamins and minerals. After once again passing through many inspection points and processes, the powder ultimately reaches the packaging department.

Packed into a final product

Our packaging facilities and processes create a controlled packing atmosphere that ensures a long shelf life for the infant formula. Additional quality checks are performed during the packing process. The tins are thoroughly inspected using instruments such as Eagle Vision and X-ray. Finally, samples are taken of the product. All test results must be approved. Only after full approval are our products released. This is how we guarantee that our infant formula complies with the highest possible quality criteria.

For more information about the production of our infant formula, view this video.