Our locations

From the Netherlands to China and every corner of the world; together we work on offering high quality nutrition for babies and children worldwide.

Ausnutria worldwide

The home base of Ausnutria B.V. (Ausnutria Netherlands) lies in the Netherlands. Our Dutch headquarters and our five production sites are located here. From the Netherlands we export our products to more than 70 countries worldwide. In doing so, we work together with our sister company, subsidiaries and joint ventures in the Middle East, Russia, the United States, Europe, Brazil, Mexico and China.

Our Dutch organization, together with its sister organizations in China and Oceania, is part of Ausnutria Dairy Corporation Ltd., based in Hong Kong and listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Together we form the Ausnutria group.

Want to know more about the locations of our worldwide offices? Then view the map below.

Ausnutria Netherlands
Central Office Ausnutria Netherlands

Ausnutria B.V.
Ausnutria Nutrition B.V.
Ausnutria Nutrition Europe B.V.
Ausnutria Private Label B.V.
Visitor address
Dokter van Deenweg 150
8025 BM Zwolle
The Netherlands

Factory site Ommen

Ausnutria Ommen B.V.
Holland Goat Milk B.V.
Hammerweg 25
7731 AH Ommen
The Netherlands

Factory site Kampen

Ausnutria Kampen B.V.
IJsseldijk 42
8261 LK Kampen
The Netherlands

Factory site Leeuwarden

Lypack Leeuwarden B.V.
Archimedesweg 15
8912 AK Leeuwarden
The Netherlands

Factory site Heerenveen

Ausnutria Heerenveen Pluto B.V.
Ausnutria Heerenveen Hector B.V.
Ausnutria Supply Chain B.V.
Visitor address
Ceres 10
8448 CW Heerenveen
The Netherlands

Ausnutria China


Website: www.ausnutria.com

Kabrita Office China


Website: www.kabrita.com.cn

Global headquarters

Hong Kong

Website: www.ausnutria.com.hk


Australian Dairy Park (ADP)
Pure Nutrition

New Zealand

Website: www.purenutrition.co.nz

Kabrita Office Brazil

São Paulo

Website: www.kabrita.com.br

Kabrita Office North America


Website: www.kabritausa.com

Kabrita Office Russia


Website: www.kabrita.ru

Kabrita Office Middle East


Website: www.kabritaarabia.com

Kabrita Office Mexico

Mexico City

Website: www.kabrita.com