Goat milk ingredients

A range of branded goat milk ingredients are produced by our ingredients division Ausnutria Dairy Ingredients from fresh goat milk (regular and organic) from our own contracted Dutch goat farmers.  By controlling the chain from farm to ingredients we are able to guarantee the highest possible quality.

The goat milk ingredients are marketed to food companies worldwide under the brand name CBM.  Besides full cream and skimmed milk powder the CBM range includes butter, cream and butter oil (anhydrous milk fat).

Next to these standard products the portfolio includes a number of specialties branded as ‘CBM Goat Power’. These specialties are designed around the power of goat milk proteins and include several varieties of skimmed goat protein powder and a whey protein concentrate WPC 50% powder. Next to the CBM Goat Power range the portfolio also includes goat milk skimmed and full cream, goat butter and goat milk cream.

Ausnutria Dairy Ingredients is a division of the company Ausnutria. The head office in Zwolle plays a key coordinating role between the five factories in the east and north of the Netherlands. With a firm belief in the natural benefits of goat milk, the Ausnutria organisation specialises in manufacturing products based on goat milk for both the consumer and the corporate markets.

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 Packaging of goat milk from CBM