Since 2020, dairy company Ausnutria is the main sponsor of sc Heerenveen. With this sponsorship, Ausnutria wants to increase its brand awareness in the Netherlands and to give further substance to its social involvement with the province of Friesland and, and in particular, Heerenveen.

“We want to make a tangible contribution to the further development of sc Heerenveen. In addition, Ausnutria not only wants to sponsor the first team, but the entire club, including the youth and women’s teams,” says chairman Bart van der Meer on behalf of Ausnutria.

Introducing: Ausnutria

Ausnutria specializes in the production of high-quality baby and toddler food and is one of the ten largest companies in this sector worldwide. Based on more than 100 years of experience, high-quality baby and toddler food is produced at various locations in the Netherlands, for hundreds of thousands of children all over the world.

The best known are the brands Kabrita and Neolac. Jeroen Kiers, managing director of Ausnutria: “With our specialty infant formula, we support parents and caregivers in the healthy development of their children. We call that Nourishing life and growth.”

Home game

A few years ago, a new production site was opened just a few steps from the sc Heerenveen stadium. The building beside the A7 is currently being expanded and in time, also the headquarters will move from Zwolle to Heerenveen. Ausnutria is one of the larger and to many northerners an attractive employer in the Heerenveen region.

Development and growth

Ausnutria wants to contribute to a world in which everyone has the strength to lead a healthy and prosperous life. This goes beyond nutrition and also embraces the pursuit of opportunities for personal development. Sponsoring sc Heerenveen fits that picture perfectly. “During our sponsorship we will pay a lot of attention to children to help them bring the best out of their future,” says Jeroen Kiers.

With each other and for each other

Sc Heerenveen and Ausnutria are also connected by mentality. Thanks to the efforts and strength of many, the sports club has grown sympathetically. Within Ausnutria, we also work hard every day,, with united force and inspiration to achieve ambitious goals and to meet numerous challenges. Sc Heerenveen therefore warmly welcomes that Ausnutria, as a sponsor, looks beyond the first team.

“If you keep looking at the past, you miss the future,” says Jeroen Kiers. “Ausnutria wants to apply a strong forward view in contribution to the club’s policy plan under the title Mei-inoar foarút. We fully agree with the mission, vision and ideas from this plan and believe in a strong future, from within the powerful old soul of the sports club: With each other and for each other.”

Joining forces and aiming for the win

For sc Heerenveen and Ausnutria, the collaboration fits both their business models perfectly. That is where we find each other. “The sponsorship of a large sports club is new to us. However, as in our business operations, we are ambitious and want to grow further. That is why the main sponsorship suits us well,” Jeroen Kiers concludes. “Social responsibility and commercial win-win are the keywords”.

Ausnutria and sc Heerenveen have entered into a sponsorship contract that runs through the 2021/2022 football season.