Ausnutria opens research hub at Wageningen campus


Ausnutria joins the hotspot for innovation in Wageningen

Ausnutria has opened its own branch on the Wageningen Campus: the hotspot for innovation and knowledge sharing in the field of nutrition and health. Opening this Hub in Wageningen offers opportunities in the field of research and more frequent close collaboration with existing and new partners in nutrition research.

Every day, Ausnutria Research & Development diligently engages in researching, compiling, and enhancing its products. With its new branch on the Wageningen Campus, Ausnutria is expanding its network and accelerating the development and quality of its unique expertise. Something that Ausnutria attaches great importance to. Lucie van der Zee, R&D Lead Ausnutria: “We work with various groups in Wageningen on projects to increase our knowledge about the composition and functionality of milk, in particular goat milk. We also conduct various studies to demonstrate the added value of our goat milk-based baby and infant formula. It is very important to be active at the heart of nutritional research in the Netherlands. Being physically present makes interaction with your partners easier and also stimulates it.”

Ausnutria is the world market leader in goat milk-based infant nutrition. More knowledge leads to more insight and ultimately to improvements and innovations, allowing Ausnutria to serve its consumers even better. Jeroen Kiers, CEO Ausnutria B.V.: “We are proud of what we have achieved and where we are now. Science is an important driver for this development, including for the future growth of our organization. That is why we are committed and driven to continue developing ourselves and our products by further exploring the field of infant nutrition and goat milk research. This branch will make an important contribution to this.”