Ausnutria uses 50% less stretch film in factories Heerenveen and Leeuwarden


Ausnutria has grown rapidly in recent years and this has had a significant impact on the consumption of packaging materials. To reduce our material consumption, we have adapted our pallet packaging, together with our partner Tallpack International.

At the Heerenveen and Leeuwarden locations, boxes with cans of infant formula are provided with machine wrapping film by pallet wrappers. These wrappers have been adapted to function better with the stretch wrap film, with the pre-stretch being better tailored to our products and the pallet wrappers. In the new situation, the stretch film is utilized better, so that it can absorb movements that occur during transport more effectively.

We see the result of the efforts in reduced film consumption, which has not only led to significant savings, but also a significant improvement in sustainability. With a reduction of no less than 50% in the use of stretch film, we actively contribute to reducing our ecological footprint.

These improvements show that sustainability is not just about reducing material consumption, but also about using resources more efficiently and optimizing processes for more environmentally friendly production.