Ausnutria supports healthy food through Fikks children’s cooking school


Ausnutria contributes to healthy cooking lessons for children

On May 19, 2022, the kitchen of Fikks Children’s Cooking School festively opened its doors! Under the watchful eye of Mama Mascha’s supervisors, the first children showed off their learned cooking skills in the brand new kitchen in the Abe Lenstra stadium.

Fikks stands for Frisian idealistic children’s cooking school and is committed to a healthy lifestyle among children in the region of Heerenveen. A healthy lifestyle starts with yourself and your environment. With the help of cooking series, Fikks helps children learn more about healthy food and how to prepare it yourself in a fun and accessible way. The initiative originated in 2020 and the wish for our own cooking location in Heerenveen has now become reality.

Thanks to the lodge, made available by our partner sc Heerenveen, the children now have a permanent place to cook. Various local companies have helped to make the lodge completely suitable for preparing the tastiest and healthiest meals. Ausnutria is proud to have been able to contribute to this and will of course continue to do so during the cooking series that have now started. We wish all (future) participants a lot of fun with these educational cooking lessons!