Goat milk

Our goat milk source

The goat milk is supplied by a group of over 100 select goat farmers who have committed to comply with the strict quality requirements of our subsidiary Holland Goat Milk B.V. This company looks after the collection of all of our goat milk.

Did you know that the Dutch quality requirements for the goat milk sector are higher than prescribed by the European Union? The quality of our goat milk is safeguarded in various ways. For example, the goat milk, from the goat farm to the production companies, is under the constant control of the Netherlands Controlling Authority for Milk and Milk Products (COKZ) and all of our goat farmers are affiliated with Kwaligeit (QualiGoat), the national chain quality system especially created for the goat milk farming sector. Finally, all farmers comply with the additional requirements specified by us.

For more information about the origin of our goat milk, visit the website of our subsidiary Holland Goat Milk B.V..

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