Cow milk

Our cow milk source

Through our cooperation with Farmel we ensure a stable supply of high-quality milk. Together with its affiliated farmers, Farmel guarantees the optimal quality of Dutch milk.

Did you know that the Dutch quality requirements for the cow milk sector are higher than prescribed by the European Union? The cow milk’s quality is safeguarded in various ways. For example, the milk, from the farm to the production companies, is under the constant control of the Netherlands Controlling Authority for Milk and Milk Products (COKZ) and its quality is safeguarded through means of a chain quality system (CQM) created within the dairy farming sector. Finally, all farmers comply with the additional requirements specified by Farmel.

Organic cow milk
In addition to regular cow milk, Ausnutria also processes organic cow milk that entirely originates from Dutch farmers who on the basis of passion and conviction opt for organic farming practices.

Characteristics of the organic dairy farming sector:

  • The sector does not make use of chemical protection agents or artificial fertilizers
  • Cows graze in a pasture for at least 120 days per year
  • When the weather is not suitable for staying outside and the cows are inside in a spacious barn, they are exclusively given organic feed
  • The organic sector is land-based; the natural cycle is maintained.

For more information about the origin of our cow milk, visit the website of Farmel Dairy.

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