Progress construction can manufacturing plant Ausnutria & Trivium Packaging


At the beginning of this year, Ausnutria and Trivium Packaging, one of the largest manufacturers of metal packaging in the world, started a joint project: the construction of a hypermodern can manufacturing facility on the site of Ausnutria in Heerenveen, led by Jorritsma Bouw. This 10,000m² large factory, which will be operational in early 2021, will be equipped with state-of-the-art machines and offers “wall-to-wall” production. This means that it will be integrated with the current Ausnutria factory for dry blending and packaging.

After laying the foundations and assembling the steel structures, the building was immediately made wind and watertight by means of façade cladding last summer. The pouring of the concrete floor which was then planned, was therefore not weather dependent and could take place in peace. Due to strict hygiene measures that will apply in the new tin factory, it was important to make the concrete floor as smooth as possible. After pouring and leveling, the floor was therefore power floated with a special trowel and partly provided with a floor coating.

Upon completion of construction, Ausnutria will have an on-site can manufacturing process, ensuring the stable and efficient supply of high-quality cans. The new facility will supply tin can packaging to Ausnutria’s factories in Heerenveen and Leeuwarden.

Watch the video of the most recent work below.