Looking back on the Nutritional Expert Academy Looking back on the Nutritional Expert Academy

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Looking back on the Nutritional Expert Academy


From November 12th until November 15th 2019, Ausnutria organized the Nutritional Expert Academy, an inspiring event where the latest scientific insights regarding goat milk were discussed. From all over the world, healthcare professionals traveled to the Netherlands to learn about the unique characteristics of goat milk formula.

The program included scientific lectures from among others Professor H.J. Verkade (UMC Groningen), Professor H. Lafeber (Amsterdam UMC), Professor L. Dijkhuizen (University of Groningen/CarbExplore Research BV) and S. Wopereis, PhD (TNO).

Visit to the goat farm

In addition, the participants, originating from the Netherlands, Spain, Saudi-Arabia, United Arabic Emirates, United States, Mexico, Brazil, China and South Africa, paid a visit to the goat farm. A visit to Ausnutria’s state-of-the-art factory in Heerenveen could not be missing from the program. The participants learned how through advanced technology and many inspection points and processes, the goat milk is ultimately processed into baby formula and canned, prior to being shipped.

Health care

Finally, the group went to Groningen where they were given a tour through the Beatrix Children’s Hospital at the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) to learn about the Dutch health care system. All participants greatly appreciated the possibility to extensively interact with each other and thereby share experiences about the health care systems in their home countries.