Change management structure Ausnutria Netherlands: departure Jeroen Kiers, CEO


Ausnutria Netherlands intends to make changes to its management structure to strengthen international growth and achieve strategic goals. In the new structure, the cooperation with the parent company Ausnutria Dairy Corporation will be strengthened and the decision-making process will be optimized.

Within the local management in the Netherlands, some direct reporting lines will be shifted to the management of parent company Ausnutria Dairy Corporation Ltd. With these changes, the organization expects to be able to achieve better cooperation and coordination with its Chinese sister organization and the board in Hong Kong and to, as a collective, achieve healthy growth in the future.

Following the proposed changes in the management structure of Ausnutria Netherlands and the related changing responsibilities of the CEO, Jeroen Kiers, CEO Ausnutria B.V. announced that he has chosen to continue his career outside of Ausnutria, stepping down from his position as CEO of the organization as of July 15.

Jeroen has been CEO at Ausnutria B.V. since 2020. In the past three years as CEO, but also before that in his role as Director Strategy & Innovation, he has made an important contribution to the development and professionalization of Ausnutria B.V.

Jeroen Kiers, CEO Ausnutria B.V.: “I am proud of what we have achieved in recent years. I am very pleased that we have managed to take so many important steps in a challenging environment. We have been able to contribute to the well-being of so many by supplying great products under our beautiful brands. Ausnutria is entering a new phase and I am convinced that there is a very solid basis for this. I will miss my colleagues so much and wish them a lot of success.”

Bart van der Meer, Executive Director Ausnutria Dairy Corporation Ltd.: “On behalf of our organization, I would like to thank Jeroen for the dedication with which he has led our organization and express my appreciation for the way in which he has increased cooperation and unity within our organization. We will build on this as an organization and wish Jeroen success in the rest of his career.”