Ausnutria achieved good results in the first half year of 2020


Ausnutria Dairy Corporation Ltd. (Ausnutria) again shows good results for the first half of 2020. The dairy company shows a growth in turnover of 22.6 percent to € 488.5 million compared to the same period last year. Profit increases by 32.1 percent to € 72.8 million. The operating result amounts to € 104.9 million, an increase of 34.7 percent.


2020 H1

Increase %

2019 H1


€ 488.5 million


€ 398.4 million

Operating result (EBITDA)

€ 104.9 million


€   77.9 million

Net profit

€   72.8 million


€   55.1 million


The results of the own brands of formula increased by 25 percent compared to the first half of 2019 and account for 88.4 percent of the total turnover of the Ausnutria Group.

With infant nutrition based on goat's milk, which the organization sells under the Kabrita brand name, Ausnutria has a 60 percent market share in China and Ausnutria is number one in the world. Outside China, sales are growing in North and South America, South Korea, Russia, the Middle East and Europe.

Bart van der Meer, CEO Ausnutria Dairy Corporation Ltd.: “The worldwide demand for goat milk-based formula continues to grow. Despite the fact that competition in this category is also growing, we are able to maintain and further expand our position. The rich experience and knowledge that we have built up in this segment and in which we continuously invest is of great value for this. The excellent relationship with our suppliers is also important.”

After a strong first quarter, Ausnutria saw a slightly weakening growth in the second quarter due to the effects of COVID-19 and the related disruption of markets worldwide. “Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, appropriate measures have been taken at an early stage to protect the health of our employees, to secure the supply of raw materials, to keep production facilities running and to properly organize the logistics to the end user. Nevertheless, we are also indirectly affected by the corona virus,” says Bart van der Meer.

While it is difficult to predict exactly how the consequences of the coronavirus, including the global economy and consumer behavior, will develop, Ausnutria is confident that it will also overcome future challenges and continue the long-term development and growth of its organization. “By continuously investing in R&D, product development and (new) production facilities, including the expansion in Heerenveen, Ausnutria is building a solid foundation for future growth and development of its organization and its employees. Our employees and our business partners show flexibility and dedication in these special and challenging times,” says Bart van de Meer.