The construction of our new milk powder factory in Heerenveen is currently being finalized. This new factory will soon guarantee a completely gas-fee production process for the production of semi-finished baby and infant food formula and will run completely CO2 and nitrogen emission free.

The milk powder factory uses heat pumps for production processes up to 95 °C. Electric heaters are used for processes above that temperature. In addition, optimal use is made of residual heat from both the production processes and the building itself, for example from waste water. Like the other factories in Heerenveen, this powder factory also uses geothermal energy technology. Any excess heat is stored in the ground so that it can be used for heating at a later time. The same happens with cold, which can at a later time be used for cooling. In all these ways, Ausnutria contributes to a future-proof way of food production.

This spring, the installation phase will transition into the test phase of the project. Both the production process and automation will be extensively tested. In this way we can optimize the process, after which we can guarantee that a safe product is produced. The first commercial production is expected to take place by the end of this year.

Ausnutria is the world’s market leader in baby and infant food based on goat milk. At its production site in Heerenveen there were already two packaging factories for mixing and packaging baby and infant food and a can manufacturing factory.

Would you like to contribute to optimizing the production process in the factory, and to continuously maintaining the quality of our semi-finished baby and infant food? Please take a look at our vacancies website.