Goat milk ingredients

We produce our goat dairy ingredients under the brand name CBM, including whole and skimmed goat milk powder, suitable for various applications in the food industry. The goat milk that forms the basis for the CBM products originates from our own contracted Dutch goat farmers. As a result, we are in a position to control the entire process chain as a means of guaranteeing the highest possible quality.

For more information about CBM, visit the CBM website.

 Packaging of goat milk from CBM

Organic cow milk ingredients

Verla is our brand for dairy ingredients based on 100% organic cow milk. The Verla products are made from organic cow milk that originates from Dutch cows that graze in a pasture for at least 120 days per year. In winter, the cows are accommodated in a large barn where they are fed organic feed. The end products made with Verla organic cow milk ingredients guarantee the customer a high-quality organic product.

For more information about Verla, visit the Verla website.

Logo of Verla organic milk