Relaunch B2B Brand CBM: Goat Dairy Ingredients Relaunch B2B Brand CBM: Goat Dairy Ingredients

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Relaunch B2B Brand CBM: Goat Dairy Ingredients


Ausnutria Dairy Ingredients has been a well known partner for dairy ingredients for many years. Ausnutria Dairy Ingredients offers a wide range of goat milk-based dairy ingredients sold under the CBM brand. CBM is the B2B brand for specialist goat milk ingredients and is used worldwide for various applications. The brand has been given a new, more modern look, while retaining familiar elements, with various playful references to Dutch origin of the CBM products.

The new look was translated into a refresh of the logo, a new design of the packaging and a beautiful new website. Peter van Weerden, Business Lead Ausnutria Dairy Ingredients: “Our organization has built up a broad experience in the development and production of goat milk products. We see that more and more attention is being paid to the properties of goat's milk; more and more people worldwide are consuming goat's milk and with it the interest in the development of goat's milk products is growing. As a producer and supplier of i.a. goat dairy ingredients, we like to support customers with (new) application possibilities, in order to contribute to high-quality end products. With our renewed CBM brand, we want to bring goat dairy as a valuable ingredient to the attention of a broader audience.”

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