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Launch Ausnutria Nutrition Institute


Global dairy company Ausnutria B.V. announced the launch of the Ausnutria Nutrition Institute. The Institute aims to provide and share expert insights into the science of infant nutrition and the nutritional composition of goat milk. Therefore the Ausnutria Nutrition Institute collaborates and connects with health & nutrition experts to advance science and to further educate professionals. To the purpose of making the insights gained by institute easily accessible to health and nutrition experts, a website by the same name has been launched as well.

Ausnutria Nutrition Institute has the following guiding principles:

  • To connect & collaborate with the global scientific community on developments in scientific research.
  • To advance & share scientific knowledge to help guide the development of evidence based products that contribute to the health and well-being of children.

The Ausnutria Nutrition Institute collaborates with scientists, research institutes and universities around the world. Its collaborations take an array of different forms, ranging from joint research to gaining expert advice in cooperation with a scientific advisory board, consisting of an international team of experts from various disciplines.

Research into goat milk nutrition

Currently, research into dairy primarily concerns cow dairy. Yet, in recent years there has been a growing focus on the properties of goat milk. Research into goat dairy is one of the institute's main focus areas. Alfred Haandrikman, Chief Scientific Officer at Ausnutria: “At Ausnutria we are intrigued by the unique properties of goat milk and we are working on a daily basis on expanding our knowledge of the composition and benefits of goat milk. We do this in collaboration with renowned scientists at universities and research institutions.”

Beyond goat milk

The Institute's focus extends beyond research into goat milk nutrition. Its main objective is to advance and share scientific knowledge to help guide the development of evidence based products that contribute to the health of children. Alfred Haandrikman: “In pursuing that objective, we collaborate with experts from different areas of expertise and we focus on different areas of research. We bring the knowledge and the latest scientific insights we gain together within Ausnutria Nutrition Institute. We continuously innovate and share our insights so that children, parents and healthcare professionals are served the best way possible.”

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