Ausnutria shows continued growth despite corona crisis  Ausnutria shows continued growth despite corona crisis

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Ausnutria shows continued growth despite corona crisis


Despite the corona crisis, Ausnutria Dairy Corporation Ltd. (Ausnutria) shows continued growth in turnover and result, according to the positive profit alert that the company published this week. The company expects a profit increase of approximately 53 percent to € 38.6 million in the first three months of 2020. Turnover is expected to rise by approximately 27 percent to € 248.0 million. So far, Ausnutria has succeeded in continuing its processes during the corona crisis and keeping the supply of its infant formula products on track.

Ausnutria serves the international market with high-quality infant formula. The company exports worldwide, including to China, where a sister organization of Ausnutria is located and where the corona virus originated.

“Thanks to the collaboration with our Chinese colleagues, it quickly became clear what enormous impact the corona virus can have. We took measures at an early stage to protect employees and to ensure the continuity of our processes. So far, we have been able to continue our processes and keep the delivery of our products on track,” said Bart van der Meer, CEO Ausnutria Dairy Corporation Ltd.

Since the start of the corona virus outbreak in China, Ausnutria has secured raw materials and maximized its end product delivery efforts. Bart van der Meer: “It is good to see that as a company we can anticipate and continue to deliver under these circumstances. I deeply appreciate the commitment shown by colleagues in these circumstances, and how much responsibility they take to continue their work. That gives us confidence that we as an organization will get through this uncertain time.”

The continuous improvement in Ausnutria's financial performance is mainly due to the increasing sales of its own brands of infant formula products, based on both cow and goat milk. Sales of these products increased by approximately 36 percent in the first quarter of 2020, compared to the first quarter of 2019. In addition, continuous efficiency improvements and investments in sustainability and quality within operations in the Netherlands lead to higher results.