New headquarters Ausnutria Hyproca

In the past few months we have been working on decorating our new headquarters in Zwolle. The result is an inspiring workplace. As of February 1st, the employees of Hyproca Nutrition and Hyproca Dairy Products will move to Zwolle, and the office in Almelo will be closed. On February 15, the employees of Ausnutria Hyproca and Hyproca Lypack will follow and the current headquarters in Heerenveen will be closed.

Who will be moving?
The move means the centralization of the Marketing & Sales groups (Hyproca Nutrition, Hyproca Dairy Products, Hyproca Lypack) and Ausnutria Hyproca. Also a small number of staff of the factory locations will move. All employees that are involved daily in production remain at their current location.

Our new address

Postal address: Visiting address:
P.O. Box 50078 Dokter van Deenweg 150
8002 LB Zwolle 8025 BM Zwolle
The Netherlands The Netherlands