Your brand infant formula

Ausnutria works together with customers to develop and produce tailor made infant formula. Ausnutria owns five  production  sites  in  the  Netherlands,  of which three sites are fully dedicated to the production of infant and toddler nutrition. With these factories, Ausnutria controls the entire production chain from fresh cow’s milk to infant formula.

Developing and manufacturing infant formula

Ausnutria offers full support to the customer, ranging from infant formula production only, to full support in product development, R&D and Marketing. The Ausnutria infant formula factories have enough production capacity for large international orders. In further consultation, the possibilities for smaller orders can be discussed.

The access to high quality raw materials, the total  control throughout the complete production chain, as well as the experienced workforce, allow Ausnutria to  offer  the  best  possible  product.  Many  leading companies in the infant formula industry make use of our expertise in the field of product development, production facilities and packaging concepts.  Because babies and children are in the most vulnerable stage of life, the infant formula industry is a delicate segment requiring great experience and know-how. Our qualified R&D department has the expertise to develop  an infant formula custom-made  to  local nutritional and legal requirements. 


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