First Dutch Organic Infant formula

Cooperation Neolac & miffy

Hyproca Nutrition introduces the first organic infant formula from Dutch milk under the brand name Neolac. The Negenmaandenbeurs (The Netherlands biggest baby children and maternity fair) is the start of the introduction on the Dutch market. After that parents and caretakers can order the products online in the spring of 2015 through

Neolac infant formula is made of 100% organic cow’s milk exclusively from Dutch cows. A conscious choice, says Jeroen Kiers, Business Development Manager, Ausnutria Hyproca. “The best nutrition for a baby is breastfeeding. Many mothers, when breastfeeding their child, make careful choices about what they eat and drink themselves. If you as a mother need or decide to switch to formula, you want a natural follow up. We believe that organic meets that need.” In addition, Neolac is the first brand organic infant formula made from Dutch milk. Dutch milk is known worldwide for its high quality.

The image of miffy on the package reflects the pure and Dutch character of the product. “The pure and Dutch character of miffy, fits very well with our product. In that sense, the cooperation with Mercis (the company that manages the rights to the work of Dick Bruna) is logical, however also quite unique. Mercis is very careful with the use of the image of miffy. We can only appreciate and admire that greatly. We are very proud that we may show miffy on our packaging.” Says Jeroen Kiers.

The collaboration is also visible at the Negenmaandenbeurs (25 February / 1 March 2015 at the RAI in Amsterdam), where the booth of Neolac has a place on the “miffy square.” The Neolac team is ready to inform visitors about the Neolac infant formula products, that will be available online in the spring of 2015.

Hyproca Nutrition is part of Ausnutria Hyproca. With three factories in the Netherlands Ausnutria Hyproca has over 100 years experience in the production of dairy products and over 75 years experience in the production of infant formula. The brand Neolac, which is sold on the Chinese market as infant formula based on regular cow’s milk since 2012, will take a new direction with the introduction of Neolac organic. In addition to Kabrita, the unique infant formula based on goat’s milk, Neolac is the second infant formula brand that the organization is offering consumers in the Netherlands.