Ausnutria present at NL trade mission to China

In the last week of March 2015, the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte went on trade mission to China to strengthen ties between the Netherlands and China. During a business dinner he also spoke Weibin Yan, CEO of our sister company Ausnutria Dairy China.

The business diner took place in Shenzhen, according to business magazine Forbes, the most innovative city in China. Particularly with respect to the subject innovation, both countries, according to Mark Rutte, can learn from each other. ” That culture of innovation, here and in the Netherlands, also helps us to address the common challenges our countries face. How do we ensure safe and adequate food supplies for an ever-growing population? What forms of energy will be available to us in 2050? These are issues that Europe and China are tackling. And it’s precisely here that our innovative power is so useful.”

The Netherlands is among the top three European trade partners of China. Also for Ausnutria Hyproca cooperation with China is important. The structural cooperation between Ausnutria Hyproca, its sister organization Ausnutria Dairy China and their common parent organization Ausnutria Dairy Cooporation, dates back to 2011.

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