Ausnutria Hyproca group continues under the name Ausnutria

The Ausnutria Hyproca group will change its company names in the Netherlands starting February 2nd 2018. From that date on, Ausnutria B.V. is the new name of the Dutch parent organization. Ausnutria will also become the leading name for its subsidiaries in the Netherlands. The organization will implement the name change for the various Dutch subsidiaries in the course of 2018. Together with a renewed logo and visual identity, this change must ensure greater unity and better recognition and positioning of the organization in the industry.

Ausnutria is already the leading name of its sister and parent organization in China, where it is a well-known name in the baby and infant nutrition sector. Since 2011, the organization in the Netherlands is part of the Ausnutria group. The companies in the Netherlands currently still operate under different company names, on the basis of which the link between the companies is not completely clear. Bart van der Meer, CEO Ausnutria Hyproca group: “This change contributes to awareness and pride that together we are part of a strong international organization. And also makes it clearer for customers and other business relations who we are and what we do. We are convinced that with this change, we can build a strong international future together.”

Ausnutria is a producer of baby and infant nutrition. Her Dutch head office is located in Zwolle. In addition to the Zwolle site, the organization has production locations in Ommen, Kampen, Leeuwarden and Heerenveen.