Ausnutria Hyproca centralizes headquarters in Zwolle

Ausnutria Hyproca will centralize part of its activities at a new headquarters in Zwolle at the start of February 2016. Due to the move to Zwolle, the current headquarters in Heerenveen and the current office in Almelo will close.

An important motivation for centralization is the need for more integration between several business groups and departments. Due to the strong growth the company has experienced in recent years, more centralization and integration of departments and activities is desired.

The choice of Zwolle as the new location means that the current offices in Heerenveen and Almelo will be closed and the employees of these locations will be transferred to Zwolle. In addition, several employees of the locations in Ommen, Kampen and Leeuwarden will join the team in Zwolle. All operational staff of the factories in Ommen, Kampen and Leeuwarden will remain at their current locations. In total more than 60 employees will move to the new headquarters in Zwolle.

In the past Ausnutria Hyproca has communicated the plans for a new headquarters in Heerenveen, to be build at the same location of the new factory. Due to a changed view on the future structure of the organization as well as the centralizing of departments, this decision has been re-evaluated. Zwolle makes a more logical choice for the headquarters.  

As the home of the fourth production site, Heerenveen will remain an important location within the company. The construction of the new factory is progressing steadily. It is expected that the first phase of the construction will be completed in the autumn of 2016.

Ausnutria Hyproca manufactures baby and infant formula and dairy ingredients, based on goat milk, organic milk and conventional cow’s milk. In total there are over 400 employees working at the organization in the Netherlands.