Socially responsible and sustainable

Ausnutria follows its mission, taking into account the communities in which the organisation is active. In doing so, Ausnutria not only has an eye to opportunities but also an awareness of its responsibilities in the market.

There is a growing need for quality infant formula. This is a delicate and demanding market. Growing children are vulnerable. Access to the right nutrition is essential for their development. The production of and provision of access to healthy and nutritional infant formula is the core activity of our organisation.

Breast milk is of course the healthiest and most nutritional baby food. We therefore support breastfeeding alone for the first six months of a baby's life, according to the recommendations of the World Health Organisation. We also advocate breastfeeding for as long as possible after that period. For those babies who are not breastfed, we offer quality formula.

The quality consciousness of our company is in keeping with society's demand for sustainability. We have vast experience in our market, and constantly work on improvement of efficiency in our business process. We strive to limit consequences for the environment by optimising our working methods, in the purchase of our ingredients and in the production and distribution of our products.

The company also wishes to contribute to improving access to nutrition and thereby to contribute to the health, welfare and quality of life in the communities in which we are active. The object is to create long-term gains for these communities and for our clients, employees and investors.