Rich history in dairy

The Ausnutria history spans more than 100 years. The modern-day Ausnutria is a company with great experience in the production of infant formula and other types of dairy products. The development of formula for baby and toddler nutrition was started back around 1940. Nowadays, the production of infant formula is one of the core activities of Ausnutria, with export of infant formula to countries all over the world. The description below provides insight into some important milestones in the history of our organization in the Netherlands, where we have 4 production sites in Ommen, Kampen, Leeuwarden and Heerenveen.

It started in 1897

Our oldest factory dates back to 1897, when it was founded by Mr. Kramer. The factory is named "de Vechtstreek", a name still proudly born by the company premises. In 1910 a group of farmers decided to create a co-operative and bought the factory. It was the first factory with complete and continuously operating butter making facilities. As milk production grew in the Netherlands, the factory was expanded and extra activities added. Milk powder has been produced in Ommen since 1928. Today, our Ommen site is a professional dairy factory, which not only produces under its own brand, but also supplies high quality dairy ingredients to various large international companies.

Van Heel & Lijempf

The origin of the factory in Kampen dates back to 1903, when it is established as the Van Heel Condensed Milk Company. Our factory in Leeuwarden was founded in 1912, under the name Lijempf (Leeuwarder IJs and Melkproducten Fabriek). Although the factories have started as two separate companies, their history has many similarities.

Our factory in Leeuwarden is at that time the headquarters of the Lijempf group, a company that in its heyday consisted of about 19 affiliated dairy factories. In 1943 also Van Heel in Kampen became part of the Lijempf group. In 1973, Lijempf was taken over by Royal Wessanen, and from that point on concentrated on the export of infant formula under the Bebelac brand name. As the number of international contacts increased, the factory name was changed to Lyempf. In 1993 Lyempf is acquired Nutricia, that sells the factory in Leeuwarden three years later. From then on, this factory will continue as a packaging company under the name Lypack.

Hyproca Dairy Group

In 1996 the Hyproca Dairy Group purchased the factory in Ommen, followed by a takeover of the factory in Leeuwarden in 1999. In 2007 and 2008, the Hyproca Dairy Group became the owner of the brands Neolac and Kabrita, and in addition to cow's milk, becomes active in goat milk. As a result, the Hyproca Dairy Group no longer only produces for third parties, but also carries its own brands. In 2011, the Hyproca Dairy Group became part of Ausnutria Dairy Corporation ltd., based in Hong Kong and Changsha (China). The organization continues under the name Ausnutria Hyproca. The same year, the factory in Kampen is purchased, which means that it is reunited with its former sister company in Leeuwarden. Nowadays, the production of bottle-feeding is the core activity of both factories.

A new production location

In 2014 Ausnutria Hyproca starts with the construction of a new production site in Heerenveen. In the following years, the head office of the Dutch organization moves to Zwolle, the organization is experiencing strong growth and expanding its international position with private label services, but also with the sale of its own brands.

Nowadays our organization has 5 international sales offices, 4 production locations in the Netherlands and we export our products from the Netherlands to more than 65 countries worldwide. Since 2018 all these activities are managed under one name: Ausnutria.