Ausnutria Hyproca receives GRAS status for ingredients in goats’ milk infant formula


Nonfat dry goats’ milk and goat whey protein concentrate FDA approved

Infant formula manufacturer Ausnutria Hyproca has received a GRAS status for their nonfat dry goats’ milk and goat whey protein concentrate for the use in infant formula. This means that these ingredients are recognized as safe and permitted to be used as the sole source of protein in infant formula in the USA. This was recently announced on the website of the FDA.

Ausnutria Hyproca uses these ingredients in the infant- and toddler formula of its brand Kabrita. Kabrita is the main global player in the field of goats’ milk infant formula and toddler formula, currently sold in i.a. the EU, the Middle East, China and Russia. Alfred Haandrikman, Manager R&D at Ausnutria Hyproca: “In 2014 our brand Kabrita stage 3 toddler milk became available in the US, making it the first goats’ milk based toddler formula in this market. Since then we have expanded our product range in the US with i.a. yogurt pouches based on goat milk. To also serve parents with younger children, we are working on the FDA approval for Kabrita infant formula (0-12 months). The acquired GRAS status is a milestone in this process.”

To obtain the GRAS status, a dossier had to be filed to the FDA which explains the production process and the composition of the ingredients. In addition, the toxicology of the ingredients had to be explained and exposure data (how much an infant would ingest of the ingredient) had to be shown. For Kabrita, the company uses the skimmed goat milk powder in combination with the goat whey protein concentrate. The FDA agreed and had no further questions on the statement that this combination is safe for infants as the sole source of protein.

The popularity of goats’ milk is globally on the rise. Many parents and caretakers turn to goats’ milk formula, because it is naturally easy to digest. Alfred Haandrikman: “From a model system, we already know the protein in Kabrita and in human milk is digested in a similar way in the digestive system of the infant. The protein in a cow’s milk infant formula is digested more slowly. The results of several case studies of infants using Kabrita after having discomforts with a cow’s milk formula, are also positive. These are strong indications that we have something special in our hands with Kabrita.  We do find it important to note that, in contrast to what many people believe, it is not a suitable alternative in case of a medically confirmed cow’s milk allergy.” Ausnutria Hyproca expects to publish the results of the studies in the coming year. After getting full FDA approval, it can enter the US market with its infant formula.

About Ausnutria Hyproca

Ausnutria Hyproca is located in the Netherlands, where the company owns two infant formula factories. The company collects around 50 million kilos of goat milk per year, which is used to produce the Kabrita products. The goat milk is supplied by a select group of around 50 Dutch goat farmers, who have fully committed themselves to the high quality standards of the company. In the USA the brand Kabrita is marketed in cooperation with Kabrita USA.

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